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5 Tips to Remember When Trick-or-Treating in Amherst this Halloween

Halloween is a transformative holiday with opportunities for fun for both youngsters and adults. For one day a year, you can be anything or anyone you want to be -- you can be a scary monster, a powerful superhero, a beautiful princess, or a sexy... well, after they made a "sexy hamburger" costume we stopped keeping track.

Unfortunately, Halloween merriment for grown-ups often involves getting drunk. For some irresponsible...

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How to Science the Fog Out of Your Windshield

When it comes to the big questions in life like, "how do I de-frost my windshield faster?" we turn to science for answers. Heeding the call is former NASA engineer, Mark Rober.

Much like The Martian's Mark Watney, Rober is trained to use whatever resources are at hand to find solutions to pressing issues.

In this case, Rober discovered via trial and error that the fastest way to evaporate fog from your windshield is turning fan speed and temperature on their highest settings, turning A/C on, turning air recirculation off, and cracking a window (if it's chilly…

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Easter Jeep safari concepts impress off-road enthusiasts

The Jeep brand brings us versatile, iconic SUVs that are ready for any season and terrain, which is part of the reason why the concepts designed for the 49th Annual Easter Jeep Safari, currently ongoing in Moab, Utah, are so fascinating to the team here at Virginia Select Auto.

Seven concepts were designed for the annual event, including an emergency support Wrangler, a military-inspired, door-less Jeep Staff Car, and the outdoor-ready Grand Cherokee Overlander. But…

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