We all know that good maintenance is the best way to ensure our vehicles are in good shape and running as they should. Eventually, all vehicles have issues and need service. Some issues are small, while others can become very serious if not corrected. An engine overheating is typically a serious issue because it can lead to engine failure. However, there are many reasons why your vehicle’s engine might be overheating.

  • Cooling system failure is the most common cause of engine overheating. This could be lack of coolant or a leak.
  • Radiator issues are also a common cause for overheating of the engine. The radiator might be leaking or need more coolant. A buildup of debris and dirt can also cause radiator issues.
  • Faulty hoses and belts can also cause issues in the engine.
  • Insufficient oil can also cause overheating.
  • A faulty thermostat can also be problematic.



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