Many Amherst drivers are already well-aware of the importance of having durable, well-maintained tires during the rain season. Properly inflated tires that have a deep tread will have a greater likelihood of maintaining traction on wet roads. At Virginia Select Auto, we're eager to share two surprising ways to further reduce your risk of hydroplaning.

Trail Another Driver

Avoiding standing bodies of water is another easy way to avoid hydroplaning. However, when traveling through puddles cannot be prevented, try to follow in the tracks of the vehicle in front of you. After their tires have capably cut through water, your own should be able to pass on relatively dry ground. When trailing drivers to prevent hydroplaning, be sure to maintain a safe following distance.

Load Up

Try traveling with a heavier load when the risk of hydroplaning is high. Plan trips with more passengers or go ahead and keep your trunk full. Heavier vehicles get better ground contract and are less likely to lose traction on wet surfaces.


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