Tire rotations are a simple, low-cost procedure that can help extend the life and performance of your tires. When done correctly, it will even make them last longer. It is the process of changing the position of your tires. For example, you can remove the front tires and replace them with the rear tires.

It helps to ensure that even wear occurs on all four tires so that they remain balanced. Also, rotating your tires helps to avoid uneven tread wear, which can result in a bumpy ride and poor handling.

Premature wear on either side of the tire can cause an excessive build-up of heat, resulting in early tire failure or blowouts. This can cause accidents since it is not safe to drive with such an imbalance. Therefore, car tire rotations are important to maintain your car's performance. If you don't get them done regularly, your tires may wear unevenly and your vehicle's handling will suffer.


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