Here at our Virginia Select Auto service department, we see our fair share of wonderful people who experience car trouble during the school year. Some of that trouble can be avoided with back-to-school auto service. It's much simpler than it sounds, and it ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly throughout the school year.

Above the Hood

Wiper blades are thin and fragile, enduring the elements year round. To work properly, wiper blades require fluid. Eroded blades and low fluid are the top causes of wiper blade malfunction. Keep fluids at optimal levels, and replace eroded wiper blades as needed.

Below the Hood

If nothing else, have an auto service pro confirm the health of your engine, brakes and battery. All three components require fluid replenishment in order to work properly. Engines also need oil changes and new filters periodically. Depending on the miles you log, these parts might need attention at least once annually.


Lastly, have your tires rotated and replaced as often as you can. In between, monitor tire pressure and re-inflate tires accordingly. Just staying on top of this short checklist can have you humming through a school year's worth of daily commutes.




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