Change Dark Oil Regularly

False. The presence of a dark color does not mean that your oil is unclean or no longer performing its function. As the additives designed to clean your engine begin to function, certain oils turn dark. Gritty or grainy oil is filthy, and you must replace it as soon as possible.

You Improve Engine Performance With Additives

Don't get me wrong: additives can and will assist your engine. Oil will not restore your engine's horsepower. A particular formula will not be able to boost your gas mileage. You should treat any claims made about your car's performance with a grain of salt.

Every 3,000 Miles, You Must Change the Oil

While the 3,000-mile rule is a decent starting point, it is not always the case. Some cars can run up to 8,000 miles between oil changes when utilizing high-quality oil. Refer to your owner's handbook to determine how often you should change yours.


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