No one wants to have to deal with costly repairs, but it can be helpful to know what signs your vehicle's ignition requires service. These are some of the most common symptoms that you may experience if your car needs a tune-up:

1) Your car won't start at all. This is often due to a lack of power getting from the battery through the starter. A good way to test this is by trying other accessories like lights, radio, or horns before attempting another start-up attempt.
2) You can't turn off your engine while it's running by using the key in your ignition. This might be an issue with the switch inside your steering column that connects to the brake pedal. In other cases, it may mean that you have a faulty ignition cylinder.
3) Your key doesn't turn in the ignition easily, this could be due to worn keys or locks. In some cases, your car might not start at all if a part of the steering column is broken.


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