Extreme weather can have a tremendous effect on your battery.  Learn additional tips to ensure your battery is ready for any season.


You may think that the cold weather is the only climate that can influence your battery. Yet, hotter temperatures can be your greatest foe. As you encounter warmer conditions,  water will evaporate from the batter much sooner, and the corrosion process inside the battery can get accelerated. As soon as the winter frost starts to thaw, get your battery inspected and see if it needs to get replaced. 


When the weather turns cold, your battery must work harder to provide power to your vehicle. The icy temperatures make it much harder for your battery to do its job. Prepare before the climate changes by getting your battery and your entire electrical system examined. Ensure that the connections are clean, secure, and free from corrosion. Along with that, keep it fully replenished with a battery charger or trip to a reliable facility that understands your vehicle.


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