Applying touch up paint can be a key step in preserving the aesthetic value of your vehicle. Chips, dings, and scratches can both diminish the appeal of your auto and lead the way to more extensive damages. With touch up paint, Amherst drivers can minimize the likelihood of rust formation, and restore the seamless appearance and protection offered by their cars' finishes. At Virginia Select Auto, we're happy to share tips for ensuring that touch up paint is always applied correctly.

Start By Choosing The Right Paint Color

For a flawless finish, you'll have to start by choosing the right paint color. The best way to match your touch up paint to the existing paint on your car is by locating the color code and using this when ordering. You may find it right by the VIN number on your dash. Color codes can also be printed on the radiator's central support, or the firewall. If you can't find the color code for your vehicle printed on the actual car, take a look at your owner's manual to get this information.

Prep The Area Before Painting

It is important to wash away all particulates and other debris before attempting to apply new paint. Once the area is clean, gently rough up the edges of the surrounding paint with sandpaper. 220 grit sandpaper generally works best for these jobs. Once your sanding is done, use a mild soap and water mixture to eliminate any residual debris. To get professional help with your touch up paint projects, come see us at Virginia Select Auto today.


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