Tame the stray hairs your pet leaves behind so you can enjoy time out with your pet without worrying that you’ll have a permanent reminder of your outing in the form of stray hairs in your upholstery.

Attract loose hairs using the power of static by blowing up a balloon and rubbing it in your car’s interior to coax hairs onto its surface and away from your fabric. While vacuuming can do wonders, it always leaves a few hairs behind. You can mix a few teaspoons of fabric softener, a known hair attractant, into a spray bottle filled with water and use this mixture to wet your upholstery. Wearing rubber gloves, drag your hands in one direction, pilling the stray hairs into clumps that you can then collect and throw away.

Fight pet fur where it starts by using a comb or brush on your pet before you go. Lay down a cloth on the seat, and keep your pet contained in a comfortable carrier.



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