Gaskets for a tight bonded seal between two engine components to prevent fluid leakage or air infiltration. For various reasons, a gasket might crack or rupture, which allows fluids to escape, which endangers the function of the vehicle. If you notice a stain under your vehicle, you may have a problem gasket. Contact one of our Virginia Select Auto technicians for an inspection and repair services.

Gaskets are flat and created from multi-layered steel, copper or rubber. Common vehicle gaskets include the head gasket, intake manifold gasket, the exhaust manifold gasket, the main bearing gasket and the camshaft gasket.

Symptoms of gasket failure include bubbling, foaming or gurgling in the radiator. Engine overheating or the presence of what appears to be mayonnaise in the oil. Changing oil regularly with the right oil and making sure the coolant reservoir is properly filled are two ways to ensure that gaskets last.



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