If you are a dog owner and enjoy taking them on long rides with you and the family, it is important to purchase a vehicle at Virginia Select Auto that is dog-friendly. But what makes a vehicle dog-friendly?

Here at Virginia Select Auto, we offer you all the features you need to own a dog-friendly vehicle including easy-clean upholstery, tinted windows, and fold down seats. By purchasing a vehicle with these specific features, your dog will be able to relax comfortably and stay cool while remaining in the shade of tinted windows. When it comes to the features that benefit you, the easy-clean upholstery is the biggest necessity. As a dog owner, you understand that dogs get sick from being in a vehicle for too long and when they do, you are not going to want to sit around for hours scrubbing out the stain. With easy-clean upholstery, the cleanup is very fast and simple to achieve.

If you find yourself becoming more curious about dog-friendly vehicles and what they have to offer you, come down to Virginia Select Auto today and test drive one of our dog-friendly vehicles.


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