Auto-dimming rearview mirrors are practically standard on all vehicles today, becoming one of the key safety features available. They accomplish this dimming through an interesting process known as electrochromism.

This process involves two sensors within the mirror that are used to detect the amount of light hitting the mirror. These two sensors then work with a microprocessor to send a charge to a gel known as electrochromic gel, located between the pieces of glass that make up the mirror. When this charge hits the electrochromic gel, it begins to gradually darken as more charge is applied, which, darkens the mirror itself and reduces the glare that you as a driver sees.

We hope this information has enlightened you on how this very useful safety feature accomplishes its task and helps you when choosing your next vehicle. At Virginia Select Auto, our staff is excited to give you a demonstration on how these auto-dimming rearview mirrors work in real world scenarios. Come on down to Virginia Select Auto and set up a test drive today.


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