Rough Terrain Isn't a Problem With Four-Wheel Drive

When you're driving through rough terrain, you want to have a vehicle with four-wheel drive. This feature can prevent you from getting stuck in mud and deep snow because it helps the wheels grip the road. If one wheel is slipping, another can compensate so that you don't stay stuck in one place. But there are actually different ways that you can use your four-wheel drive, and we want you to know the best ways to optimize the effectiveness of your vehicle, so here's the difference between four-low and four-high drive.

Four-high drive is best used when the conditions on the road of somewhat difficult to navigate. Generally speaking, you can use four-high drive on packed gravel and regular roads to get a better grip.

Four-low drive is best for off-road conditions, such as lots of mud, deep snow, steep hills, and deep water. It gives you the traction by shifting the torque that's used.



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