What You Should Know About Oversteer and Understeer

At Virginia Select Auto, our team tries to keep our Amherst consumers informed about their vehicles and how they function. Oversteer and understeer are two terms that are related to your vehicle's dynamics. Oversteer happens when your vehicle turns more than you want, and understeer happens when your vehicle turns less than what you want.

Vehicles that have front-wheel drive typically experience understeer, and rear-wheel drive vehicles usually experience oversteer. However, both drive systems can experience oversteer and understeer under the right circumstances.

Understeer usually occurs when the front wheels of your vehicle continue to go straight when you turn the steering wheel, and oversteer typically occurs when you fishtail or slide out. The primary reason understeer occurs is when you accelerate too early or turn to quickly. To correct understeer, you will need to apply more suspension, and oversteer can be corrected by loosening the suspension to drop the grip.



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