Check Out the Versatile Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

From powerful pickup trucks to fast sports cars, Ford is the best automotive brand that does vehicles well. Let us introduce to you the all-new Ford Transit Passenger Van with many versatility features that will handle taking long trips effortlessly. The starting price is only $35,840 and has a seating capacity of 15, which is absolutely perfect for individuals and corporations in the tourism industries.

The arrangement for the interior is simple because there is a large amount of passengers that can fit inside for a possible tour around Amherst. There are three models that we at Virginia Select Auto have on the lot with different roof options ranging from low, medium to high.

The interior could convert to whatever you want. Upgrade to a penthouse suite, convert it to a recording studio, or even create more space by turning it into a mobile home. Just throw a bed, TV, and a refrigerator in there, and make yourself at home!



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