Drivers often make sacrifices in exchange for the company and protection of their beloved four-legged companions. One common sacrifice is the leftover pet fur. As a driver and dog owner, there are prevention measures and cleanup techniques you can use to reduce that hassle.

Prevention Measures to Ensure Less Mess

Brush your dog regularly and especially before you take your dog with you for a ride. Using crates in the vehicle will ensure that your upholstery does not come into direct contact with your dog’s fur. If you do not wish to crate your dog, cover the area where your dog sits with a blanket or use a specialty pet cover to prevent a furry mess.

Dog Hair Cleanup Tips

?Industrial vacuums like those found at car washes are great for removing most pet hair but often fall short in completely removing all fur. Tools to invest in for cleaning up pet hair include a lint roller, portable hand-held vacuum, pet-hair removal tool, and duct tape. To remove loose pet hair, inflate a rubber balloon and glide it over the area where there is pet hair. The static electricity will attract the hair.

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