The words “back to school” have different meanings to everyone. At Virginia Select Auto, they mean that students and parents alike will be driving back to school daily, and we want you to know how to care for your car. With so many extra vehicles on the road, you want to make sure your vehicle is not only well cared for but also running as efficiently and safely as possible. Here are some tips.
• All supplies needed to change a flat tire should be in the trunk.
• Your vehicle’s owner’s manual should be in the glove compartment.
• All recommended maintenance should be done.
• Keep the vehicle organized. Invest in bags and totes to store school supplies in the trunk.
• Keep the dash and windshield free from things that can be distracting.

Give us a jingle or stop and talk to our technicians at our Amherst dealership. We can perform and services your vehicle may need.



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