Guide for Towing

Towing a load behind your truck or SUV is a simple process if you follow a few basic guidelines. Don't leave for a fun weekend at the lake or mountain campsite without ensuring both your vehicle and trailer are capable of carrying their load.

Never exceed the suggested weight limit your vehicle is able to tow. You'll need to factor in the weight of everything else you're bringing, including passengers, along with the weight of the item you wish to tow. Don't leave without first checking that electricity is powering your trailer's turn signals and brake lights. Tighten lug nuts and make sure all tires have adequate pressure. It's helpful to make a practice drive to be sure everything is in working order.

If you want to your vehicle is towing within its suggested guidelines, stop by Virginia Select Auto. We can provide a full inspection of your vehicle and trailer to ensure you'll be safe on all your travels.



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