Check Out These Four Easy Car Care Tips for Spring Driving Satisfaction

We here at Virginia Select Auto pride ourselves on offering a vast selection of truly incredible and reliable used vehicles; so, to help you keep them incredible and reliable all year long, we have some spring car care tips to make your time on the road as safe and optimized as possible.



  1. First up, clean off the exterior of your vehicle. Wash off all the dirt, salt, and other debris from the rough winter roads to get your paint job looking clean, then give it a good waxing to really leave your ride shining in the spring sun.
  2. Second, take a vacuum to your foot wells and seats to clean up all the tracked-in dirt and grime from the winter. Then, get a garbage bag and toss out all the trash that may have accumulated throughout the cabin. Lastly, wipe down all surfaces to clean off the dust. You'll love how your cabin feels and your passengers will definitely thank you.
  3. Consider changing your wiper blades for a new pair. A whole season of wiping cold rain, snow, and ice off your windshield (especially if you travelled further north) can really eat away at the soft rubber on your blades. If you're seeing a lot of streaks on your windshield -- and definitely if there are large swaths of un-wiped areas -- it's time for a fresh set.
  4. Last but definitely not least, you'll want to change your winter tires for summer or all-season. Driving through the spring and summer with winter tires is not only a waste of good winter tires, it will also decrease your fuel efficiency while increasing road noise. Switch to summer or all-season tires and enjoy a quieter, smoother ride.

There's more that you can do to prepare for the spring, of course, and our team of technicians would be delighted to help! Whether it's routine maintenance or more serious repairs, simply schedule a service appointment with us and we'll get your vehicle back to the road looking and feeling like the day you first drove it.

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