Kitty Litter, Sand, and Salt: Choosing The Best Option for Winter Driving

Driving during the winter can be very dangerous. One challenge that you'll have is getting your vehicle out of the driveway. Fortunately, that is why we at Virginia Select Auto in Amherst are here to explain your options during the winter storm months.

For traction during snow and ice, Kitty Litter is typically going to be your best option. Kitty litter is a great option for traction, but it won't melt the ice and snow. Many argue that kitty litter is ineffective because it makes such a big mess whenever it's spread out.

Play sand is a better choice for melting ice than kitty litter. This is because sand provides excellent traction. It's a better option than salt, which can kill plants, however, only salt is able to melt the ice. It's also a good idea to apply ice melt before the snow starts so ice will have a tougher time sticking to the roads.
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