Small but Powerful Hatchback Motors can Keep Gas Mileage Low

Rising gas prices are presenting serious problems for the finances of the average driver. In response to price increases, many drivers choose to purchase and drive smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles. Hatchback vehicles often offer drivers smaller motors that make fuel efficiency a reality. Here at Virginia Select Auto, we enjoy helping our valued customers to make informed and wise purchases in the hatchback vehicle market.

There are many hatchback styles and versions available on the market, but most hatchback styles offer drivers their choice of small, powerful motors. Hatchback motors are available in 4-cylinder, 3-cylinder, and even 2-cylinder varieties. While many hatchback engines are diminutive in size, they nevertheless provide plenty of power and performance. Ably backing up these power plants are a number of efficient transmission systems that make the most out of engine power output.

The small size of hatchback motors directly contributes to the outstanding gas mileage enjoyed by many of these vehicles. This minimal fuel use makes hatchbacks a good choice for commuters or anyone else who wants to keep more cash in their wallet. Amherst drivers who wish to attain even greater levels of gas savings can avail themselves of modern hybrid engine technologies that can stretch a gallon of gas further than ever before.



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