Your car is full of all sorts of different fluids that keep it running properly. Your engine oil keeps your motor operating smoothly, the coolant keeps your engine cool, and the gasoline keeps your vehicle running. But did you know the transmission, the part of your vehicle that allows your engine to shift through different gears, also has fluid that needs to be changed on a regular service schedule?

You can reference your owner's manual to find specifics, but all car transmissions will at some point need the fluid to be changed. While it is still possible to change your own oil at home, changing the transmission fluid can be very difficult and require specialized tools. As such it is strongly recommended that you bring your vehicle in for professional transmission service when needed.

Our trustworthy service team here at Virginia Select Auto in Amherst is well qualified to provide you with the fast, professional, and friendly transmission service that you need. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.
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