Vacuuming Your Air Filter

Replacing your air filter should be done on a regular basis, generally every 15,000 miles. Maintaining a clean air filter helps your engine perform at its best and be fuel efficient. Between those 15,000 miles a lot of dust and debris gets into your air filter. You can help to maintain higher efficiency and engine performance between filter changes but cleaning.

Start with Removal

Locating your air filter should be relatively easy to find and remove. If you do not know where your air filter is housed under the hood check your manual. If you don't have your manual do a quick internet search and you can find where it's located and how to remove it.

Cleaning Your Filter with Your Vacuum

A safe and easy way to clean your air filter is to use a vacuum. This method keeps your air filter dry which eliminates the issue of getting water into your engine and causing harm. Vacuuming your filter is a quick process, although this method of filter cleaning may not get all the contaminates out of the filter.

To put your filter back, just reverse the removal process. If your filter needs to be changed or you're seeing issues with your engine schedule a checkup at our service center in Amherst, VA.

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